Getting to Know Me As a Reader

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I would consider myself an average reader because I don’t explore different genres. I only read about two genres and that’s literally it… If I find a book interesting, the chances of that are probably once in a lifetime. If you’re wondering what do you mean once in a lifetime, well here’s what I do when I read a book. I’ll go half way into a book then decide to abandon it. Like I don’t care that your grandpa died when is the good part coming. Legitimately I just don’t care that much by the end of the book. On the other hand if the author is actually good or just decent, well, decent to my standards, I read the book in a week or less. If not, consider me gone. My favorite author is Alan Gratz. He does an amazing job of putting suspense in every book he makes. Every book he makes finishes with a cliffhanger at the end of each chapter. And to add on, every single other chapter is a different character I think I’ve read all his books. I’m not so sure, there’s a big possibility. That’s you getting to know me as a reader. 

Getting back to genres. I don’t like realistic fiction because all the characters feel like the color gray. They don’t have that much of a personality trait or maybe if you’re lucky they have mild humor. I don’t like it because it is very predictable, like I’m sorry George but like get some personality. Realistic fiction books are like food without seasoning and right now I’m Gordon Ramsay without the British accent. So there was my personal opinion about realistic fiction books. They’re definitely at the bottom of the pyramid today. Annnddd at the top of the pyramid horror and mystery they always keep me on my feed and they don’t feel like the color gray. Perfect seasoning and fake Gordon Ramsay approved. That was you getting to know me as a reader. What’s your favorite genre?

Mirror or Window


The book that I will be reflecting on is Restart by Gordon Korman. This book is a window to me. What is a window book you might ask? Well, a window book is a book that you do not share an identity with the main character. On the other hand a mirror book is a book that you can relate to the main character or you share an identity. Restart is about a male teenager that falls off his room and gets amnesia. When he wakes up in the hospital he forgets who he was before. Before getting amnesia he was a major bully in his school. I personally like window books because you get to learn about a whole new character’s life. In conclusion, this book is great and fun to read because it has multiple points of views. I only wrote about one of the main characters.


Climate Change

Climate Change 

First, what is climate change? Climate change is when greenhouse gasses go into our atmosphere where they create the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is when there is methane and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the sun shines though those particles. Think of it like this: when there is a can on a hot summer day sunlight shines through the window it heats up the car. But when the light tries to escape the car it can’t because of the windows so think of the carbon dioxide and methane as the windows. 

We as humans produce fossil fuels that contain methane and carbon dioxide. About 80% of our energy is fossil fuels which means 20% is clean energy. What is fossil fuels you might ask? Well, fossil fuels are gas, oil and coal. Which that gas is that gas is methane that goes into the atmosphere and acts as a widow that traps the heat. The right amount of methane is good for our atmosphere but too much which is what the fossil fuels produce creates climate change.

Clean energy is another source of energy. The different types are Solar energy, Wind energy, Geothermal energy, and Hydropower energy. Clean energy is much better than fossil fuels because it doesn’t produce as much greenhouse gasses. Sadly, 80 percent of the energy we use is produced from fossil fuels that means 20 percent energy is clean energy.


Camp Kirkwood

The sixth graders of DA had a fun week at Camp Kirkwood. First we were going into Hurricane Idalia so that was fun… The bus ride to Camp Kirkwood was an amazing ride of kids screaming the whole way. Music to my ears. When we got there we carried each other’s bags to the pavilion (team work makes the dream work). We got settled in our assigned cabins. And then the moment I’ve been waiting for. Lunch.  

The best activity was the V swing . You classmates would haul you in the air. Then you would pull a rope that would drop you. Because of um physics you would go in a circular motion and slowly reach the ground. It was so much fun hearing everyone scream when they pulled the rope.  

Another great activity was Kanga jump. You and your classmates would jump on a blob together trying to push each other off. There were also card games in case you got bored of bouncing around. I played apples to apples where you put the most random card with a card that doesn’t relate whatsoever, because why not. In conclusion it was a pretty great trip. Shout out to the staff who were extremely flexible because of the hurricane.